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Fun Craft for Kids

Super Bowl Paper Football Team Support Signs in 6 Easy Steps

Finished Product

Super Bowl fever is on! In the coming days, expect people raving about the coming weekend event. Did your team make it? Whatever it may be, join in the annual tradition and spend time with your family and friends. Ready your team support signs and let your kids join in the fun too. Here is an easy and fun craft for kids that you can make at home – Super Bowl support sign. Continue Reading

Season Crafts

7-Step Paper Christmas Tree


The season to be jolly is once again around and Christmas decors as usual are the treat of the season. Most decors are supplied by commercial establishments, but homemade types are preferred. A typical model is a Christmas Tree Craft that the family, the kids most importantly can enjoy making. The Christmas Tree Craft project will need the following: Continue Reading

Season Crafts

6-Step Printable Scarecrow Paper Craft for Kids


Scare off the crows! A scarecrow is a permanent figure in farms. Otherwise known as a hay-man, it serves as a decoy to ward off birds from the crops. Made from hay and shaped in human form, it is usually dressed in old tattered clothes, and strategically positioned in farms. While it effectively scares the birds away, this is not the case with people. A lot purposely go to farms to check the different scarecrow creations and pinpoint the best one – kids included. Continue Reading

Fun Craft for Kids

Easy Printable Crafts for Kids – 6-Step Owl Mask

Easy Printable Crafts for Kids

Kids love to wear masks – may it be for a themed-party, costume play, or school production, kids will never dawdle. Playing pretend is one reason why kids willingly put on masks. It gives them a sense of freedom to fantasize and live somebody else’s life. While kids do not necessarily muse over their reasons, they are very particular with the masks that they will wear. So parents cannot simply hand out one in the hopes that their kid will take it enthusiastically.

This day and age, it is easy to come up with masks for your kids. Simply search online for the mask character your kids want, find free printable crafts, print, and setup. Here is one free Printable Crafts for Kids I found online – Owl Mask.

Owl Mask in 6 Easy Steps


Photo paper (glossy)
Printable colored owl template from
Garter thread
Hole puncher
Inkjet printer equipped with a quarter to full quality ink cartridge tanks

Easy Printable Crafts for Kids – 6-Step Owl Mask Instructions

Step 1
Download colored owl template.

Step 2
Open the colored owl template file. Then print. Let it dry for a while.

Step 3
Once dry, carefully cut the colored owl template. Leave an inch square on the left and right sides of the owl. 

Step 1

Step 1-1

Step 4
Punch a hole on each one-inch square.

Step 2

Step 5
Carefully cut the eye area.

Step 2-2

Step 6
Fasten a significant length of garter thread on each hole.

Step 3

Step 3-1

The Owl Mask is ready to wear. You can also choose to punch a hole designated on the colored owl template.

Finished Product 1

This is a very easy Printable Crafts for Kids. But one which requires a generous amount of printer ink considering the craft size and colors. It is best to check the ink levels of cartridges before pressing the PRINT button to ensure that the print job will be successful. Moreover, use inkjet photo paper compatible with your printer to achieve the best quality of prints.

Finished Product 2

Holidays and Celebrations

Independence Day Paper Cone Wreath with a Twist

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The wreath is a popular décor that is widely recognized as a Christmas Holiday adornment. But for years now, people started to put up wreaths on various occasions or festivities including Easter, Spring season, Halloween, and Independence Day. While older people get to enjoy the grandeur that a wreath brings inside homes, kids do not share the same sentiment. They are curious little folks that would rather hold and play with adornments. It is for this reason that this DIY Paper Cone Wreath with a TWIST will fit homes with kids. Continue Reading

Season Crafts

Printable Paper Craft : How To Make Christmas Favor Bags

xmas bag 2

We throw a lot of parties during the Christmas season. During preparations, we always make sure to have a little something for the kids. Sweet treats and little toys are what’s commonly expected to be given away to children. This is why Christmas Favor Bags for kids are such a hit this season. More so, this printable paper craft is one of the easiest project ideas for kids. Enjoy! Continue Reading