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United Nation’s Day (October 24, 2015)


United Nations Day is celebrated every year all over the world. It is a festivity that enjoins all nations to work together for peace and development, guided by the principles of justice, human dignity and the well-being of each citizen. With this in mind, I came up with a do-it-yourself decoration that will match the celebration. This embellishment will surely add vibrancy to the occasion. I’m quite certain that every UN day organizer will be eager to learn about this.

How to Make United Nations day Buntings?

1. Search the web for free downloadable world flags. Save it.
2. Open the saved file in Photoshop or in Microsoft word.
3. Print the flags depending on the desired level of hue and saturation that you wish to achieve. Do consider the number of flags you would want to hang too.
4. After printing, cut the edges of each flag.
5. Prepare yarn or any kind of string strong enough to hold the flags. Staple the flags half inch apart from each other on the string.

Here’s how it should look like.


Flag bunting can be displayed in many different ways. Display the flag bunting on windows, walls, fences, or in a place that is conspicuous to passersby. Do remember to display it with pride and respect.

Use a special paper that does not torn easily, like one with a matte finish, especially when you are printing artworks with vibrant colors.
Store flag bunting properly when not in use. Do not fold to prevent cracks in prints. Place it in a clean, dry and acid-free box to avoid moisture or a musty smell. Keep it in a dry and dark place to preserve its print quality.

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