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Gift Ideas : 5 Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

portable vacuum cleaner

If you are counting 12 days before Christmas, then the countdown has already began. Now it’s time to narrow down your holiday gift giving list to people you might have missed out. Of course, you shouldn’t forget colleagues at your workplace. So to help you shop for gift items appropriate to this brood, Fun with Printer Crafts has come up with a recommended list of holiday gifts for coworkers.


When shopping for holiday gifts for coworkers, you have a choice of practical gift items that can be used in the course of work or go for interesting novelty gadgets.

alarm clock

Alarm Clock. You may think it’s the most overused office holiday gifts, next to the mug. But then again, it’s one useful piece of gizmo anyone wouldn’t mind having on their desk. Colleagues who often show up late at work might just find it useful versus the alarm features of a mobile phone. Moreover, it’s one of those gift items that you can get for below $10. Order above the set minimum and you’re likely to get a fat discount as well.

folding umbrella


Folding Umbrella. Come rain or hail or wind or snow, the umbrella is one item you would want to have with you. Therefore, it’s an across the seasons gift item that your colleague can use to and from the office on not so good weather. If given as holiday gifts for coworkers, get a compact, unisex folding umbrella with arcs from between 34 to 42 inches.


Stress ball. Going novelty for office holiday gifts? These balls are the perfect pacifiers on a stressful day and perhaps an anger management first aid item. Now available in different shapes and sizes, choose one that matches your colleague’s personality or something that spells humor to upgrade the stress ball’s therapeutic value. Best of all, it’s a below $5 gift item.


usb cooler

USB Cooler and Warmer. On a busy day, it’s tough to be frolicking to and from the pantry, to your desk, just to get a cool drink or perhaps get warm coffee to replace a cup that has turned cold.  USB technology now allows us to heat and cool beverages through gadgets that can be plugged in via your laptop or PC’s USB port. USB beverage cooler and warmer gizmos are cool office holiday gifts that can be paired up with a cup. Perfect for budgets $20 and below!


portable vacuum cleaner

Portable Vacuum Cleaner. This is the ultimate holiday novelty gift item, particularly for your so called cleanliness buff pal at the workplace. But this should also be one of those interesting holiday gifts for coworkers that they can use to tidy office desk and cabinets of dust without having to call in maintenance. Moreover, the 4 pound portable vacuum can handle toner spills; clean blinds, bulbs and sills. The Atrix Express Plus Personal Portable Vacuum retails with a 14% discount at Toner Refill Store.


Nice or not, your office pals are the folks you see everyday and spend at most 8 hours a day each work week. So extend the Christmas cheer with the recommended office holiday gifts! You need not spend a fortune just to do that.

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