Thanksgiving is upcoming. This is one of the most awaited holidays in the US. Being a festive occasion, thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with the most important people in our lives. And just to put more value into this tradition, there are easy thanksgiving craft activities that the family can pursue in preparation for the festivities.

This article recommends a list of easy thanksgiving craft activities that can be produced from a PC and inkjet to make the occasion extra special. For the printer projects below, we are featuring the HP Color DeskJet 9800.

HP Color DeskJet 9800

#1 Customized Holiday Calendar

Simply download calendar templates online and thereafter print it. The printed calendar can be used as a family message board. Each family member can jot down his thoughts or any other message over a particular date as the entire family counts down to thanksgiving. Likewise, put the calendar in a conspicuous area of the house where everybody else can easily spot and access it.

To download a calendar template:

1.      Navigate to eprintablecalendars to select and directly print the template of choice. Note that the site offers a portfolio of free and printer-friendly calendar and planner templates. Other templates are available in pdf format.

2.      To create a free printable calendar, select the Month and Year from their respective drop down boxes. This would fill in the month and year of the template.

3.      From the calendar size menu, select page portrait 8.5 x 11.5in

4.      From the color drop down box, select your color of choice.

5.      Click Create Calendar button. This will forward you to the calendar page. You can either print the calendar on stock paper or premium paper.

6.      Thereafter proceed to printing.

Customized Holiday Calendar

Photo courtesy of doriana_s

#2 Personalized Thanksgiving Placemats.

Dining with the rest of the family particularly during Thanksgiving is surely one memorable affair. So why not make the celebration more elaborate by adding some personal touches to dinner placemats. Consider printing a family photo and some other images that rekindle good old memories. You can use thick plain paper with a dimension of 13 x 19 inches as material. To maximize allowable print area, select borderless printing from the paper size drop down box.

Printer projects like this will likely engage the entire family in its production. Moreover, the paper placemats will be the subject of worthwhile conversation during dinner.

To edit image using Microsoft paint:

1.       Open MS paint program from your computer.

2.       From the menu bar, click file then select open to view the image on Microsoft Paint.

3.       Once the file is opened, edit the image according to personal preference. Use the toolbar button found on the sidebar to perform editing.

4.       Following editing, click file then save to save the edited image.

5.       Thereafter proceed to printing.

Personalized Thanksgiving Placemats.

To print Calendar and Placemats using the HP Color DeskJet 9800:

1.       After hitting the print button from the chosen file, you will be directed to the print dialogue box. Choose HP Color Deskjet 9800 to fill in the printer’s name.

2.       To print using the printer’s default settings, click Ok or Print.

Note: There is no need to change the settings since printing of calendars and placemats is the same as printing any other document.

# 3 Decorative Place Card for Thanksgiving Dinner Table

A thanksgiving themed place card showcased on the dinner table will surely make thanksgiving dinners extra special. Apart from being a décor, apaper turkey place card will surely accentuate the celebration for the evening that is the thanksgiving dinner.  And so why not take on little printer projects like the do it yourself paper turkey place card as part of your thanksgiving preparations. The materials needed for this project include (a) 13 x 19 in and up to 0.3mm of cardstock media and (b) a pair of scissors.

To download the Paper Turkey Place Card Template

1.       Go to familyfun.go and download the Turkey Place Card template. The site also provides other free Place Card template designs.

2.       Save the pdf file of choice to your computer.

3.       Thereafter proceed to printing and assemble the place card.

To print using the HP Color DeskJet 9800:

1.       Open the image file of the printable paper turkey template.

2.       Hit Print from the file menu.

3.       From the dialogue box, select HP Color DeskJet 9800 under printer’s name

4.       Click the Media or Paper tab under printer properties and select Cardstock

5.       Load the paper into the printer’s manual feeder, one sheet at a time to avoid paper jams.

6.       Click OK or Print.

Decorative Place Card for Thanksgiving Dinner Table

# 4 Printer Made Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving literally means giving thanks to the people that matters to you most. And what better way to spread the love and appreciation than sending personalized thanksgiving cards to your family, friends and neighbors that you have prepared using your PC, desktop publishing talent and inkjet printer. Consider this among the easy thanksgiving craft activities you can undertake in preparation for the upcoming festivities.

# 5 Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids

This is one activity that kids will surely enjoy working on and consequently one of the easiest printer projects to produce. There are Thanksgiving themed printable materials from the internet that you can download and print at home. Make this event fun and amusing to the kids while inculcating the essence of thanksgiving through the images on the coloring pages.

Thanksgiving is a one special occasion that unites American families from across its 50 States. Keeping the tradition alive by engaging the family into any of the easy thanksgiving craft activities can make any Thanksgiving celebration extra special.

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