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7-Step Paper Christmas Tree


The season to be jolly is once again around and Christmas decors as usual are the treat of the season. Most decors are supplied by commercial establishments, but homemade types are preferred. A typical model is a Christmas Tree Craft that the family, the kids most importantly can enjoy making. The Christmas Tree Craft project will need the following:



Green and brown construction paper



Paper glue

Glittered adhesive paper

Christmas greeting printed out in sticker paper

Step 1

Form the green construction paper into a triangle.

On one side of the paper, cut starting from the lower edge corner straight up to the center of the upper part. Do the other side as well.


Step 2

Spread the triangle shaped paper on the table.

Fold the paper transversely at around three inches’ interval.


Step 3

Punch a hole on the center of the folded paper, set aside.

Use the hole puncher to do this.



Step 4

Prepare the stem of the tree.

Cut a two-inch wide strip of the brown construction paper and form into a slender cylinder. Apply paper glue to keep it in place.



Once glue has set, insert the paper cylinder into the holes of the triangle shaped paper.


Step 5

Release paper from the fold, stretching up to the entire length of the paper stem. The tree is complete. It is now time to add some décor.


Step 6

Cut out the Christmas Greeting printed on sticker paper to sizes that fits the face of the paper tree.



Step 7

Pull out the glittered adhesive paper, then draw and cut out shapes that will add color to the tree. A circular disk that represent balls will be a good ornament. Paste the other ornaments on the folded face of the tree. The more ornaments are pasted over, makes the tree more enticing to the eye.



The Christmas Tree Craft is now complete. Make as many as required to promote an aura that the Christmas Season represent.


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