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How To Share And Print Digital Wedding Photos Online

A printed wedding photo

Online photo sharing is fast becoming a trend. Parallel to the growth of social networking, internet surfers have been exposed to different channels of photo sharing. In weddings, the couple is excited to share wedding photos to their families and friends. Immediate showcasing of photos is made possible by uploading the photos online. By doing so, the personalities who missed the actual ceremony can take a glimpse of some of the highlights of the wedding.


To emphasize the concept of online photo sharing, this article will focus on sharing and printing digital wedding photos online. Provided below are the steps on how to edit, print, and share wedding photos online. Let’s use Photobucket as the photo sharing site for this article.

How to edit pictures on Photobucket?

1. To upload wedding photos to your computer, connect the digital camera or cellular phone to your computer via usb or any compatible connecting device. Photobucket accepts the following photo formats:

·          Graphics interchange format (.gif)

·          Joint Photographic Experts Group Files (.jpg)

·          Portable network graphics files (.png)

·          Bitmap files (.bmp)

2. Register for a Photobucket account or sign up using your Facebook account.

Register for a Photobucket account or sign up using your Facebook account.

3. Once registered, you can now upload photos that you want to share online.

4. To edit pictures, just hit the edit icon located on the upper left side of the corresponding photo. You can choose among the editing options found on the edit toolbar.

5. Once completed, hit the save button located below the image.

How to share wedding photos online?

How to share wedding photos online?

1. Select desired wedding photos that you’d like to share. You can possibly send several photos at once by checking the boxes below each photo.

2. Click share button located on the upper right of the Photobucket page.

3. There are several social network options from which to share wedding photos. You can share your photos through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, among others. Note: You can also send photos via email.

4. Follow the prompts for a successful online photo sharing.

How to print images from Photobucket using a Canon PIXMA iP4200 printer?

Below is the step by step process on how to print your edited images.

1. Save the image to your computer.

2. Open the image file, go to the “file” menu and select “print”.  A dialogue box will pop up; select the Canon PIXMA iP4200.

3. From the dialogue box, select your printing preferences.

·      For media type, select applicable paper.

·      For print quality, set high to produce a high quality printout.

Note: Setting print margins is unnecessary because of the borderless printing feature.

4. After setting up the desired printing options, hit OK button and wait for the printout to exit the output bin.

A printed wedding photo

This new share and print technology will surely make the wedding documentation extra special. There is no better way of reminiscing the happiest day in your life than sharing it with friends via online photo sharing and of course looking at the hard copies of your wedding photographs. Note that you can use compatible ink cartridges for Canon PIXMA iP4200. Aftermarket printer consumables enable you to save up to 60% off OEM prices.

*Wedding photo by Alena Kratochvilova

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