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Homeschool DIY Projects : Panda Bear Coloring Pages & Printable Jigsaw Puzzle

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Homeschool parents will never run short of fun and engrossing activities to keep preschool age kids busy over the long winter season. As we settle into the love month of February, I’m sure that homeschool moms out there have already outlined a kiddie project or two relevant to Valentines Day. But before the widely commemorated hearts day, our Chinese brothers from all over the world come together and celebrate the very festive Chinese New Year. So why not engage homeschooled kids in the majesty of oriental culture?


In this regard,Fun with Printer Crafts has prepared printable panda bear coloring pages and printable jigsaw puzzle images relevant to the Chinese New Year celebration.  See how you can integrate this coloring activity and jigsaw puzzle games in your weekly lesson plan for homeschooled kids.


Panda Bear Coloring Pages

The giant panda is native to China and is one of the most adored creatures in the world.  Once your toddler becomes preoccupied with his crayons and our printable panda bear coloring pages; engross them more with tidbits of information about China’s national symbol that has become a popular spectacle during the Chinese New Year celebration.

Of course, we’ve included other enduring symbols pertinent to ancient Chinese tradition into our coloring pages. These include the rabbit and dragon that form part of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Also featured is the goldfish, a traditional symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture that is flaunted in various décor during the Chinese New Year celebration.

Our printable panda bear coloring pages comes with a few lines of trivia that can be conveyed to homeschooled kids as they color the outlined images. Print the coloring pages on letter size media using your inkjet.

Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Images

Jigsaw puzzles help develop the cognitive and psychomotor skills of pre school children. As an aid to learning, jigsaw puzzle games can be used to impart to homeschooled kids basic trivia about Chinese culture.

Our printable jigsaw puzzle designs comprise of colorful graphic images that will surely be of interest to your child.  Images such as the lantern, paper cut and couplet are traditional decor set up to welcome the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, the lion dance is an important Chinese ritual that is part of the New Year’s festivities.

Print each of these printable jigsaw puzzle imageson a letter size flip jigsaw puzzle using your inkjet. This way, you won’t have to secure a jigsaw pattern and use an exacto knife to separate the pieces. Simply pop out the joint pieces of the flip jigsaw puzzleor separate by hand from other pieces following post printing procedures.

The simple activities involving Panda Bear Coloring Pages and Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Images should help foster awareness and appreciation of offshore cultures among pre school age, homeschooled children. Just prepare your inkjet and ink cartridges for the printout of these materials.

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