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5-Step Star Spangled Wreath for Veterans Day


Veterans Day is a public holiday in the United States observed every November 11th. It is a commemoration in honor of the military veterans who served the United States Army. While many activities can be done with the family, the best way to enjoy this holiday is to make it simple and personal like creating DIY crafts with your kids. Here is a simple Veterans Day craft – Star Spangled Wreath.


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (red, white and blue)
Paper plate

How to Make Star Spangled Wreath?

Step 1
Print or draw your star patterns on each construction paper.

Make sure that all stars are of the same sizes.

Step 2
Following the template lines, cut the star patterns carefully with scissors.
Then group together according to color. Set aside.



Step 3
Grab the paper plate. Remove the center part of the paper plate to make a ring.
See images below.



Step 4
Fix one star on the paper plate.
On one side, smear glue on the middle part and then permanently fix on the ring plate.



Step 5
Proceed with all the remaining stars.
Alternately position and fix the stars on the ring plate until the entire ring is covered.
Leave to dry.


The Star Spangled Wreath can be displayed inside the house or positioned on the entrance door. For a more fun look, put on some glitters on the sides of the stars or put ribbon tails on the lower part of the wreath.

Making arts and crafts with kids during the holidays is always a fun activity. All you need is a creative mind and a reliable printer to print the desired shapes, characters, and templates.

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