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Fun Printable Craft – How To Make A Foldable Pencil Box

foldable pencil box

This fun printable craft is to celebrate back to school. Crafts are also a good way to spend quality time with the kids. It is also always good to make things on your own. The pencil box can be used to store pens, crayons and even candies. This foldable pencil box is easy to make with home and office supplies.

foldable pencil box 4

Materials Needed:

1. Card Stock

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Empty Ball Point Pen


1. Download the template provided below. Open the template with an image editing software like MS Paint or Photoshop. Upload the template if you are using an online image editing application like pixlr. Foldable Pencil Box Template

2. Personalize the template. You can fill the body of the pencil box with colors and designs. It can be as colorful as you want it to be. Just remember to keep all the decorations inside the borders of the pattern.

3. Save the finished image on the desktop so you can find it easily. Put the card stock in the input tray of the printer. Print the finished foldable pencil box design.

4. Cut the pencil box printout with the pair of scissors. Be sure to only cut outside the solid border lines. Cut it as straight and as neat as you can.

5. Score all dotted lines with an empty ball-point pen. Puncture it as neatly as you can. To avoid tears, carefully push the pen just until the metal tip on it goes through the paper.

6. Fold all dotted lines well and firmly, especially the lid and the bottom flaps of the foldable pencil box.

7. Glue the lid and the bottom cover to the flaps. Put just enough glue on the flaps so it doesn’t get too soaked. Too much of glue can make the card stock soft and will be prone to tears.

8. Let the glue dry and close the lid. If the lid doesn’t fit properly, try folding it firmly until it fits the opening.

foldable pencil box 2

You now have a foldable pencil box. It is an inexpensive storage solution for little things like pens, beads and even accessories. This back to school project idea can also be used to keep office supplies off the desktop. If you want to make smaller or bigger ones, you can simply scale the template to your liking using an image editing application. Don’t forget to clean up after enjoying this fun printable craft!

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