The London 2012 Olympics is just a few days away!  And everyone is feeling the healthy vibe of sportsmanship and competition among participating countries. It’s time to get fit this summer and ignite the passion for sports with these free printable crafts of Olympic medals. Fun Olympic Medals for Kids Make the competition even more fun and exciting with these free printable crafts of Olympic medals for kids. Use them as prizes for your own Olympic Games, races and sports competitions outdoors. Teachers can also use them in the classroom as giveaways and awards for students who are well behaved and got the highest marks. Fun with Printer Crafts brings you these printable gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals. This great free printable crafts is available for everyone to download and use. Just print the file and cut out the medals using the soft grip Acme United Corporation Bonded Scissors. Use them as badges or awards by simply attaching a small safety pin on the back with sticky-tape.   Printable Olympic Medals   The world is definitely looking forward for the 2012 Summer Olympics.  By simply using printable material, you can highlight the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun. Print these great looking Olympic medals by using the reliable Canon-i865. This inkjet produces sharp and brilliant printouts so those gold, silver, and bronze paper medals will surely stand out.

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