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Decorate Your Room With a 3-Step DIY Winter Penguin


Holidays may be over but winter season is still on. Wouldn’t it be nice to decorate your room to match the snowy season? Here’s another fun and cute DIY craft we have prepared for you. A DIY winter penguin will definitely be a nice addition to your shelf to give off that wintry feels. Here’s how to do it.


Materias needed:

Printed winter penguin images
(preferably on a card stock or construction paper)
Cotton balls
Small jewelry boxes

3-Step DIY Winter Penguin Instructions

Step 1:  
Print your winter penguin images. Print as much as how many you want to create.
Next, carefully cut out the images. And trim away the margins.



Step 2:  
Get your cotton balls and put them inside the boxes.
You can shred them or add more to make it fluffier. This will serve as your snow.


Step 3:
Place your penguin on top of the cottons.
You might want to use a paper clip to make it stand in place.

diy-winter-penguin-1 diy-winter-penguin-2

Don’t throw away your boxes just yet. Create more DIY crafts with it. Have fun making your winter penguins and decorate your room. You can also use other winter images and characters. All you need is to print them.

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