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Back-to-School Hanging Craft for Kids in 7 Easy Steps

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Summer break is almost over. And it is about time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Is your kid excited to go back to school again? I think your guess is as good as mine. Kids during this time are both happy and upset. Happy to be meeting their friends in school once again. But upset that school will take up much of their time over.

This is always the case, so there is no reason for concern. Yet, parents can always find new ways to encourage their kids to happily embrace the upcoming school year. Assure them that you will always be involved in their school life but know when to take a step back. Practice school routines before the actual back-to-school day begins. And for added flare, you can make encouraging back-to-school hanging craft for kids.

Back-to-School Hanging Craft for Kids


T-Shirt Template 
“School is Cool” quote template 
Construction Paper
Sticker paper
Punch Hole
Colored ribbons

7-Step Back-to-School Hanging Craft for Kids Instructions

Step 1
Download the T-shirt template and “School is Cool” quote

Step 2
Print the templates
The T-shirt template on construction papers &
“School is Cool” quote on sticker paper.

Step 3
Cut the T-shirt patterns
Be careful not to cut the lines.



Step 4
Cut the printed “School is Cool” quote



Step 5
Stick “School is Cool” quote on T-shirt cutout



Step 6
Punch a hole (top-center) on T-shirt cutout


Step 7
Tie a colored ribbon on punched hole



There are many changes that you can do with this Back-to-School Hanging Craft for Kids. You can

  • adjust the size of the t-shirt pattern.
  • find and use another pattern, if the t-shirt is not to your liking.
  • choose another quote that will encourage your kids more. Just make sure that it will fit inside the shaped outline.
  • print the T-shirt and quote in color as long as your printer can do the task. Also, check printer ink and toner levels before making a print.
  • post the finished Back-to-School Hanging Craft for Kids on walls or use as a notebook cover design.

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