An estimated 14% of the US population is in the 65 and older age category.  And what can be expected is a steady climb in numbers in the next few decades, as the Baby Boomers move into their retirement years. Time and again, seniors are encouraged to lead physically, socially and mentally active lives. Participation in clubs and charities fosters affiliation and fulfillment while the pursuit of hobbies and educational opportunities enrich the retirement years. Now to get by with boredom, a game of chess, checkers and crossword puzzles will surely come in handy. So in celebration of Older Americans MonthFun with Printer Crafts is featuring printable crossword puzzles you can solve with your grandpa and grandma.

Printable Crossword Puzzles – Ideal Pastime for Seniors Photo by klsmith77

Crossword Puzzle A

The featured printable crossword puzzles can help pass the time to an otherwise laid back day and likewise keep seniors preoccupied for an hour or two. Best of all, crossword puzzles are mentally stimulating activities that will, without a doubt, provide the much needed cognitive exercise.

Crossword Puzzle B

Just click the links to the crossword puzzle of choice, save the template on your computer and print on your inkjet.

Suggested Supplies for Printing

Brother DCP-165C Color Inkjet. This printer is a low profile all-in-one that is ideal for printing, copying and scanning projects. Among its top features include fast printing speeds of up to 30 ppm for monochrome and 25ppm for color prints. The inkjet also comes equipped with a 4-cartridge ink system. Thus, you only need to change the cartridge that has dried out of ink.

Brother BP60MPLTR Multi-Purpose Paper. The letter size media weighs 75 g/m2 and is retailed per ream.

This month of May, let us celebrate Older Americans Month with a renewed interest on our seniors and the retirement years as well. Let us pay tribute to the over 37 million seniors in our country, show our concern and recognize their participation and contribution to community outreach programs all across the country.

Set aside a day or two this Older Americans Month and spend this time with seniors or the elderly. Engage them into a friendly chitchat, work on a project together or play games. You could even hand over to them printed copies of our printable crossword puzzle. That would surely be a fun way to exercise their cognitive abilities. Just don’t forget to stock up on Brother compatible ink cartridges if you intend to print a sizable number of pages. Visit Toner Refill Store for your ink cartridge and toner refill kit supplies.

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