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Hiking Gear Checklist : What To Wear And Bring On A Hiking Trip?

Hiking Gear Checklist - What to wear and bring on a hiking trip?

Hiking is such an excellent pastime and also a good form of exercise. Depending on how rugged the trails that you desire to conquer are, proper hiking attire would definitely help to ensure a smooth hiking trip. There are lots of proper hiking gear available in the market. Choose one that suits you and your hiking adventures. Below are some tips to buying hiking gear and a hiking gear checklist to get you started.


Hiking Gear Checklist - What to wear and bring on a hiking trip?

Hiking Shoes. Choosing a proper hiking attire such as a good pair of hiking shoes would be a good investment if you’re a frequent hiker. Deciding what hiking shoes to buy would depend on where you intend to go hiking and for how long. For a long and strenuous hike, get hiking boots made of durable materials like leather or gore-text. It should be outfitted with sturdy soles that can endure wear and tear and hard sections over the toes, ankles and heels area. Make sure to get a proper fitting of the shoes because even a shoe with the right size may not be a good fit after all because of a narrow or wide foot.

Choosing the best hiking boots for wide feet may take some time, but this way you can be assured that you invested in the right kind of shoes in the long run. The key to finding the best hiking boots for wide feet is to find a pair that is comfortable, waterproof and warm especially in cold climates.

In addition, lighter hiking shoes are also available. It’s the hiking shoe of choice for hiking in a metropolitan setting. Shop for shoes of this type that has extra padding under the soles, with aeration technology and if possible get a pair that is also waterproof.

You could also opt for a hiking sandal instead of boots or shoes. A sandal is good option for tropical and sub tropical climates. Choose a sandal that has strong ankle and heel support.

Hiking Backpack. Make a sure an excellent hiking backpack is part of your hiking gear checklist. There are actually two types of backpacks you can use, the internal frame backpack and the external frame

backpack. These days, the internal frame is a lot popular since it snuggly hugs the body and is lighter in weight. External frame backpacks are well suited for larger and heavier loads, and generally more affordable. But this type of backpack is only recommended for trail hiking.

Hiking Shirt. Synthetic clothing is highly recommended for hikes. The material is generally lightweight, quick to dry, breathable and yields a silky feel that is great. Some synthetic clothing are even designed odor resistant and with built in sun protection. So hands down, a synthetic type of shirt should be in your hiking gear checklist.

Hiking Socks. A pair of socks made of wool would a good choice. Wool provides more cushion to keep your feet dry. Moreover, the material also helps keep feet warm in cold weather. If you’re worried about blisters, get silk hiking socks that can be used as a liner and help prevent the development of blisters.

Download and print our Hiking Gear Checklist that outlines the basic hiking essentials to prepare and likewise get you ready for your much anticipated hiking trip. You can add your own proper hiking attire items depending on your needs and the climate or season in your destination.


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