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7-Step Back-to-School DIY Notebook Cover

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Our kids carry notebooks for every class in school. And in order to differentiate one from the other, we choose to buy notebooks with an eclectic range of designs. This is by far the easiest solution; however it comes with a hitch: Notebook designs are almost always limited to a few.

Notebook manufacturers usually come up with only 5 designs for a particular type. Thus, if your kid is enrolled in 7 classes, it follows suit that 7 unique notebooks must be purchased. But since the designs are limited, your next option is to use the same notebook design for two subjects or purchase a different brand with a different specification as your first brand of choice.

There is a better solution to this problem though. You can buy notebooks with identical designs and customize each with creative layouts. Simply search the internet for the ideal design and set up to match your preferences. Here is one craft for kids that you can work on – DIY Notebook Cover.

How to Decorate Notebooks for School?


Construction Papers of different colors
Double-sided tape
Crafting Scissors
Plain Scissors
Silver dust
Plastic Cover (optional)
Number & Subject template:

DIY Notebook Cover Instructions:

Step 1
Setup the DIY notebook cover.
Lay 2 construction papers side by side on a flat surface. Join the 2 paper pieces with double-sided tape.

1.1 copy





Step 2
Cover the notebook.
Secure the folds with double-sided tape.


Step 3
Assemble the DIY notebook cover design.
Cut small pieces of construction paper in different colors. Arrange the pieces of paper on the front of the covered notebook. After settling on a pattern, glue the pieces. Set aside and let it dry.


Step 4
Doll up the Number Template.
Cut the numbers following the line. Place on a flat surface, spread over glue on the front side of the cutout numbers, and dust over glitters. Set aside and leave to dry.



Step 5
Arrange the Number Template.
Position the dolled up numbers on the covered notebook. Arrange the number templates on the cover of the notebook and glue afterwards.


Step 6
Make fancy the Subject Template.
Cut out the subject template using crafting scissors. Glue it onto another construction paper. Cut the construction paper leaving ample space from the glued template.


Step 7
Affix the Subject Template.


Additional Tip: Wrap your notebook with plastic cover to delay its wear and tear.

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