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    Easy Spring Flowers Craft for Kids in 7 Steps

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    The season of Spring reminds us of the blossoming of flowers and the appearance of many insects including butterflies and beetles. While the insects are bothersome at times, spring flowers always leave us in awe and brighten up our mood.

    Flowers 101

    A flower consists of many parts that help make it flourish. Some parts may be too miniscule to see but it plays an important role in its totality. At one point in middle school, our teachers must have taught us each and every part of the flower. We were probably made to memorize all the nitty gritty and sure enough it must have driven us crazy. This is not the case for young kids though because the parts of a flower are much simpler with only 4 to 6 parts in total.

    The Parts of a Flower for Kids

    FLower copy

    Back when we were younger, this is the flower parts concept that we have in mind – simple and direct to the point. But as we grow older, we become too nosey with the complexities in life that we take hold of each and every information that we can grasp.

    Teach your Kids the Parts of the Flower

    We have reached a point where kids are dependent on us for information. Regardless of topic, it has become our responsibility to educate kids on everything that we seem fit. As such, we can teach them the parts of the flower while making easy spring flowers craft for kids. Read further below and let me help you, help your kids.



    Colored Construction Papers (various colors)
    Green Colored Construction Paper
    Popsicle Sticks
    Flower Petal Template


    Easy Spring Flowers Craft for Kids Instructions


    The Flower Petal

    1.    Download the Flower Petal template above. Make adjustments if desired. And print on colored construction papers (except the green one).

    2.     Cut the printed Flower Petals.



    The Stem

    3.     Attach Popsicle stick on each Flower petal. On one side, generously add glue on the centermost part of each petal and attach the Popsicle stick. Set aside to dry.



    The Seeds

    4.     Trace small circles on colored construction papers. The size of one circle should cover the centermost part of the petal.

    step3.1 copy

    5.     Cut the circles. On the other side of the petal, glue one circle on the centermost part. Mix and match the colors of the petals and the circles to make it more vibrant.



    The Leaves

    6.     Cut leaf patterns on green construction paper. Then paste on each Popsicle stick. Set aside to dry.


    The Roots

    7.     You can stick this Spring Flowers craft for kids on a pot or something else that will illustrate that it has roots. Use your imagination and let it run wild.